Work with Disabled Children

Volunteers in Nepal needed at a Special needs children’s care center located in a suburb of Kathmandu. This center is caring for physically challenged children by providing them with the accommodation, daily care, health care, medication in the form of corrective surgery and education. Most of these children come from poor families who cannot care for them at home. Currently there are more than 40 children being cared for, most of them between 10-12 years old.Volunteer duties include helping with the children’s daily activities, getting them ready for school classes, creating interesting activities, playing with them, home work assistance and helping them learn better English and other subjects.

This is an opportunity to spend time with differently-able children put up at different day care and childcare centers across destinations. Gap year travelers joining this program will be contributing for the development of these disadvantaged children. Volunteers must understand that this is a very challenging opportunity and, working for this program requires a lot of patience and understanding. At the same time, working for the welfare and development of these children is highly rewarding as well.

A basic set of volunteer tasks for this project includes;

Taking care of the children at the center
Feeding them
Playing with them
Help the in-house staff in day to day work and other administrative tasks
Design an education curriculum that would help these kids grasp some subjects; in a play-way method may be

The following activities are practices in the center:
Musical therapy
Speech therapy
Art therapy
Help educate disabled children in Nepal and gain international volunteering experience.
Choose a volunteering area to explore, from education and life skills training to physical and speech therapy.
Work with children and young adults aged 6-25 with mild to severe disability.
Live with a local family and explore the culture of Ghana through them.

No previous experience is required for this program BUT you will need to be enthusiastic and patient in order to succeed in this role. It would be helpful if you are fluent or nearly fluent in English.


Volunteers on this program will be accommodated with a local host family, and will gain the opportunity to become immersed in the local culture and custom, improving their knowledge of the people, culture and language. Nepalese families are renowned for their kindness and hospitality and they love to learn about different cultures. Living with a local family truly is the best way to throw oneself into the local culture and to meet people who will often become lifelong friends!

All families have been fully vetted by our team and have extensive experience hosting international volunteers. Bedrooms are private but generally shared with volunteers of the same gender. Volunteers will be provided access to a shared bathroom. Generally, your host brother, sister or mother assist you with your laundry but it is not an obligation, learn to wash your clothing’s with your hands in several buckets, enjoy the sun drying your clothes and odor the African fragrance in your clothes.

Host families will provide volunteers with breakfast, lunch and dinner during the working week.

Breakfast is usually ready by around 7am; however you can eat later if you prefer to get up late. Lunch is usually packed by your host family in a lunch box so that you can eat at your project if you wish. Dinner is usually served around 6pm.
It is important to remember that the living conditions in Nepal are different from home. Most families have running water, but hot water is still uncommon in some areas. Although the accommodation is basic, this is part of the challenge and experience of volunteering in a developing country. With a little patience, and a flexible attitude, you will quickly get used to your new surroundings.