Volunteer program with orphans children’s

Nepal is picture squar country full of nature , Himalaya , land scrape ,jungles and river and which I never seen before land lock country . I am from Sydney Australia , I do a lot of busy in the Sydney and I had opportunity to travel south Asia which I visit comodia , Thailand before I came of Nepal . but Nepal is very different than expected.

Before I came to Nepal I was search lot of online the volunteer organization and I found NVDP and read their program which I felt really comfortable . I decided to come with NVDP and I choose the assisting orphans children program . I really like children and I have dream to help the poor children which is became possible my dream in Nepal and its make possible from NVDP . I really love children when I been to the orphanage and the orphans children makes me super happy.

After my volunteering I was done adventure trip with NVDP and they will arrange very well . I did rafting , jungle safari and short trekking during this day I met a lot of beautiful people in Nepal .

                                                                                                                                 As said by Sam spanos