Volunteer in Vietnam

Welcome to Volunteer in Vietnam;

Vietnam is a southeast Asian country on the south China and sea known for its beaches, rivers, Buddhist Pagodas and Bustling cities. Hanoi, the Capital of Vietnam. The Socialist Republic of Vietnam, is the eastern most country on the indochina peninsula in southeast Asia. 92.7 million people lives in the country. It is the 14th most highest population in the world. Vietnam is border by china to the north, laos to the northwest, Cambodia to the southwest, Thailand across the gulf of Thailand to the southwest and the Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia across the south china see to the east and south east.

Capital: Hanoi

Currency: Vietnamese dong

Population: 92.7 million

City and Interest: Ha long Bay, Imperial city, Hue, Saigon Zoo and Botanical Garden etc..


Volunteering in Vietnam,

Bien Hoa is a Children’s center in Vietnam. With this center we aim at giving disadvantage children a chance to go to school. Beside paying for their school fees, School uniform and other school materials, we also want to improve the quality of education for those children by offering additional English Classes.

At the moment a few volunteers are offering English lessons and homework assistance every weekend. But we are still looking for new volunteers who would like to join our local team with Beginning of the new School year (September 2017). We are particularly searching for Volunteers well versed in English or any programming languages. With out the help of our volunteers we would not be able to guarantee a smooth running center in the long term run. That’s why each personal support is highly appreciated by us and the children of Vietnam.