Volunteer in Kenya

Country Information

Kenya is a country in East Africa with coastline on the Indian Ocean and famed for its diversity and development. Kenya is one of Africa’s most stunning locations. It is a country of internationally significant habitats where wildlife roam freely. Everyday life brings together traditional tribes and urban families, ancient, customs and modern sensibilities. Kenya is home of rare, unique species and the big five (African Elephant, cape buffalo, African Leopard, and white and black rhinoceros). Kenya is a home to the modern safari and has several world heritage sites such as lamu and numerous beaches,  including in Diani, Bamburi and Kilifi, where international yachting competitions are held every year. Kenya is known for its world class athletics in track and field and rugby.

If you are interested on becoming a volunteer in Kenya, we will guide you on your decision and give you advice about the safety and cultural considerations to have in mind, before visiting this great country.

Location: Kisii

Accommodation: Host Family

Transportation: Local

Area: 581309 Square KM

Airport: Jomo Kenyataa International Airport / Kisumu International Airport

Capital: Nairobi

Population: 48.46 million (2016)

Language: Swahili, English

Destination: Massai mara National reserve, Amboseli National reserve, Tsavo National Park

                       Samburu, Buffalo springs, Shabu National reserves, Lake Nakuru National Park

                       Lamu, Lake Naivasha, Nairobi

Gap Year Kenya

You might have been thinking of volunteering somewhere in Africa, but don’t know where to go yet. Would you like to visit a place with a great culture; and a country to live various adventures? You are thinking to visit a place where it is always sunny. And you want to experience all this while doing something good for somebody else? Then you need to volunteer in Kenya!

Taking part in a gap year program in Africa is an experience like no other. You will encounter amazingly diverse wildlife and explore landscapes completely unique to the continent.

All of our Africa program include free time to travel with new friends and explore the diversity of scenery and opportunities for adventure that Africa offers.

Adventure Travel Kenya

Ancient human cultures, abundant flora and iconic wildlife traversing sweeping landscapes – when you envisage these epic scenes of Africa, you’re most likely picturing Kenya.

All of our Africa programmes include free time to travel with new friends and explore the diversity of scenery and opportunities for adventure that Africa offers.
Witness the awe-inspiring sight of the great annual migration, as millions of wildebeest and other animals make their yearly northward journey from Tanzania’s Serengeti to the greener pastures of Kenya’s Masai Mara. Here in the Mara you can access extraordinary scenery, experience the culture of the Masai people and camp out under the stars for an unforgettable wilderness experience.

Raft the white-water rapids of Sagana, cycle through the spectacular Hells’ Gate National Park or challenge yourself with an exhilarating summit of snowcapped Mt Kenya, Africa’s second-highest peak. Watch iconic wildlife roam the savannas at sunset, and train your lens on impossibly photogenic scenes.

Explore art, architecture and history on the tropical island of Lamu, the world’s greatest living example of Swahili culture, and enjoy Nairobi’s museums and markets, where you can shop for vibrant baskets, beaded jewellery and the iconic red blankets of the Masai.

Kenya’s wildlife diversity has attracted worldwide fame. Tourists visit Kenya especially for its populations of large mammals (Big Five, like I mentioned before). But Kenya has all types of fauna: from flamingos and Masai ostriches, to the majestic Eland. There are many safaris held in Kenya, mostly in the 19 national parks and game reserves, where visitors can take a look at these animals and help these reserves to continue their efforts to protect them.

The vegetation types in Kenya vary between extremes, and it changes as climate, altitude does. On one side, the plains of the Nyika plateau, as well as large parts of north-western Kenya and the Mara river feature dry forests and savannah. On the other side, in the northern part of the country, we can find arid deserts, which foster different types of forests.
Some examples of Kenyan vegetation include the Sphagnum Moss, Rose moss, the African Juniper, the Mexican Cypress; as well as the Blood Lily, Water Lily, the Gloriosa Lily, among others. Kenya’s vegetation varies as the temperature and altitude varies and it is rich and unique.

With all of its environmental and cultural treasures, this is a destination begging to be explored. Check out our range of unique itineraries and start planning your Kenya adventure!

Student Travel Kenya

The “warm heart of Africa” is just perfect for student travel. As well as the thrills and spills of wilderness and wildlife, Kenya offers a beach haven and wildlife safari in the shape of gorgeous Massai mara National reserve, Amboseli National reserve, Tsavo National Park  Samburu, Buffalo springs, Shabu National reserves, Lake Nakuru National park, Lamu, Lake Naivasha,

because of its shimmering beauty. All of our Africa program include free time to travel with new friends and explore the diversity of scenery and opportunities for adventure that Africa offers.

Volunteer Work Kenya:- Volunteer work in Kenya with International Volunteer Development Program on a wide rang of volunteer abroad projects, including teaching, childcare work, women’s educations, Agroforesty and agriculture and Environment Issue. Volunteers are based throughout of Kenyan communities volunteering in and around capital of Kenya, Nairobi, Nakura, Maasai, Kisii and surrounding rural villages. You will have great volunteer program and lifetime experience in Kenya.

Volunteer Program in Kenya

Environmental, carbon credit and sustainability Volunteer Program 

Women Issue, Education and Empowerment volunteer program


What does Ecotourism mean, and why should you care?

Whether you call it ecotourism, green travel, responsible travel, nature travel or ethical travel, the ethos of traveling more sustainably has become an increasingly hot topic in the tourism industry over the past decade.

Massive mountains, rolling hills, abundant vegetation and diverse wildlife it is little wonder that Kenya is a popular tourist destination and the ideal location for ecotourism. Ecotourism in Kenya is the main form of tourism in the country aside from the attractions of Nairobi and other historical cities. From wildlife viewing, to wilderness camps, and others, Kenya’s ecotourism industry is flourishing.
With advances in transportation and information technology, even the most remote places on Earth are within reach of the traveler. In fact, tourism is now the world’s largest industry, with nature tourism the fastest growing segment.

People want to experience nature and the world, but should try to do so in a way that doesn’t impact the natural environment.

In response to this increasing appreciation of nature experiences, a new travel ethic has arisen called ecotourism.

Education School Program

Agroforesty  and agriculture volunteer Program 


Volunteer internship Program 

Orphanage and needy Children

past Volunteers

I went volunteering abroad for 6 weeks in Kenya in 2013 in a village near the Kisii. I had one of the best experience of my life and I highly recommend local team who organized all my volunteering activities. I worked mainly with the elderly and i also had the chance to be part of an environmental project for waste management, to help in the wards  of a hospital and to visit kids in the school. I was amazed everyday at how warm and welcoming people were and learned a lot about their culture ( Catherine )


I visited Kenya during my school Summer break. I’m Journalism and mass communication student so what i was looking for was doing some kind of photojournalism internship. The local team and Dickson helped me get two of my picture published in one of the local newspaper in Kisii and took me to places to photograph that as a tourist I would’ve been able to go, We visited to the Masai tribe and I had the opportunity to talk with them as a friend, not as a tourist. We also went to the soap stone village where I got to see the whole process of the Handicrafts they work on.

My experience is definitely unforgettable, I got to learn a lot and see life in rural Kenya with the eyes of a foreigner but also from a local. Everyone that knows me knows how much I appreciate my time in Kenya and it’s all because of Local team. (Camila)


Hello my name is Sandra langedal, and i’m almost finished with my education as a doctor. In August 2015, my friend maria and I spent two weeks volunteering at keroka district hospital in Kenya. We stayed with Dickson (Local host Family) and they really made us feel like we were a part of their family. Local team helped us getting started at the hospital and organized everything. During the weekend, we drove to see a beautiful waterfall, we went to the local church, and even got to visit a tree plantation were we planted our very own tree. At the hospital we got to participate in a lot of different procedures. We assisted during childbirth, gave vaccinations, and got to practice our suturing skills. I would highly recommend volunteering in Kenya. You will get to experience the real, wonderful and amazing Kenya. ( Sandra)