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Volunteer in Srilanka

Volunteering in Sri Lanka, formerly Ceylon, island country lying in the Indian ocean and separated from peninsular India by the palk strait. Often described as “India right” with ancient temples, rain forests, and beaches there is never a shortage of things to explore in sri lanka, while delicious tropical curries and warm and inviting locals will make you feel right at home. Where you can make a significant impact as an international volunteer or intern with NVDP. Our project in Sri Lanka are available for anyone interested in volunteering in the developing world.

Volunteer in Sri Lanka with NVDP on a wide range of volunteer abroad projects, including child care, wild elephant conservation, teaching, Medical and turtle protection. Volunteers can choose to volunteer for periods ranging from 1 week to 12 weeks.

Project in Sri Lanka

Assist Orphanage in Sri Lanka

NVDP Orphanage volunteers programme in Sri Lanka brightens up the lives of young children making a vital and important contribution to their daily lives.This project mainly focuses on reaching out to children in need, with various social problems. The Children’s homes ensure a better future for the low income, no income, poor and needy community of Sri Lanka, by providing services and facilitating their rehabilitation into the community. The Children’s homes make every effort to provide the children with facilities for education, healthcare, food, shelter and above all the love, care and safety that they deserve. It is important to note that many of the children in Sri Lanka orphanages are not orphans in the strict sense of the word. While some of the children may have lost both of their parents, others are rescued from broken homes and abusive families and many are given up by their families as they simply cannot afford to look after them.

The volunteers get the chance to spend time with the children by teaching, sharing and caring for them, assisting the care takers in light work such as cleaning and washing. This project is a good opportunity to reach out to the ones in need and also lighting up the lives of these little ones.Your role is to help encourage and care for these children, provide them with much needed confidence and to help maximise their potential. Volunteering with children is a highly rewarding experience and one that people from all backgrounds can get involved in The projects we work with provide a much needed safety net for these vulnerable children and the more help and encouragement they can get from volunteers, the better and brighter their future.


You’ll most likely start your project with an Introduction week to help you settle into the culture so that you grow comfortable with your surroundings. The Introduction week in Kandy is the best way to embrace Sri Lanka. During this week we will …

Explain the do’s and don’ts regarding safety and transport.
You will visit a few temples, including the Temple of the Tooth.
We will enrich your experience with language sessions to be able to talk to the locals.
You’ll get to know how a traditional Ayurvedic massage feels like.
You will also witness an ancient Kandyan dance performance and, last but not least,
You will get to look, smell and taste Sri Lankan’s cuisine during the cooking sessions.


All accommodation in Kandy is included during your stay on our programme within the schedules/ itineraries provided. Living is comfortable and all volunteer houses and home stays have electricity and running water. Accommodation at the Volunteer House in Kandy comprises of dormitory style, shared rooms.

Private rooms and double rooms can be requested, plus there is also the option of staying with a local Sri Lankan family (home stay accommodation) in Kandy, but noth these options are subject to surcharges. Please speak to your Project Co-ordinator when making your booking.

Meals will be provided three times a day during the week and twice during the weekend (breakfast and lunch combine to become brunch during the weekend). Breakfast is self-service with toast, fruits, tea and coffee.

Sri Lankan foods include roti bread, dal (Lentil Soup) and curries, vegetables, salads, milk and yogurt. Meat is rarely eaten, except on festive occasions.

Weekends are free to relax, and to explore the local area.


Read important information about the Support & Backup you receive before you leave and during your programme.

Read about the Safety and Security measures we take to ensure your safety and well being while on our programe.

Teaching English to Buddhist monks 

The Volunteering teaching English to Buddhist Monks in Sri Lanka project is a great opportunity for volunteers to become intimate with age old Buddhist rituals and traditions while interacting with young monks. The main objective of this program is to provide English Education for local monks students. Particularly for those who are unable to afford the payment for private English school. The education efforts you provide are greatly appreciated and are extremely valuable to these students

The daily life of a Buddhist monk is for removed from technologically advanced society. This project allows volunteers who teach Buddhist monks in Sri Lanka to be part of the century’s old and traditionally rich culture that captivate and intrigue many western imaginations and expose the monks to current teaching methods and technology.

The Sri Lankan government declared 2009 as the “year of information communication technology (ICT) and English” and thus increased the need for volunteers to teach English to aspiring, knowledge-hungry monks and Nuns

You will spend their time with the monks ranging in age from 5 to 9 years of age and teach them English through immersion and conversational interaction. You can also take on other subject of interest that could benefit the students when you volunteer abroad teaching English to Buddhist monks in Sri Lanka. This Project is one of the most cherished opportunities for our volunteers helping in Sri Lanka.

Project highlight

  • Safety and satisfaction guaranteed with our ever present in country coordinator and support
  • Unique opportunity to work within a Buddhist monks where you will become immersed in the rich culture and history
  • Feel what it’s like to know that someone else’s life has been made better because you were there
  • Co-operate with the generous, who know that a better world begins with changing a single life
  • Have a learning and growing experience of a lifetime for as low as $150
  • Highly recommended volunteer teaching English to Buddhist monks opportunity in Sri Lanka and be a part of the life changing volunteer project


Skills / Qualifications needed

There are no specific qualifications needed to join the teaching Buddhist Monks program in Sri Lanka.

However, it is important to note that monks are highly respected social figures in Sri Lanka. Monks follow strict and exemplary life rules and only volunteers with serious discipline can the project.


Volunteer responsibilities


Volunteers in this amazingly unique project teach monks and nuns ranging from 5 -19 years of age. Volunteer may assist with various extra-curricular activities, which could include sports, arts, music etc.

Teaching at a Sri Lanka to these eager, younger monks will provide volunteers with an extraordinary opportunity to immerse in the ever fascinating and enlighten Buddhist Culture, teaching and philosophies.


Many past volunteers have commented that this particular project is one of the most memorable, engaging and mind opening experience they have had in their lives.


Project times:

Start Every Monday from 8:00 am to 12:00 pm to Friday

Saturday and Sunday is weekend during your free time or leisure time in the afternoon we could provide them with activities such as visits to heritage site, architectural values, water sports activities etc. Saturday and Sunday, the projects are not conducted. But you will be able to go on the weekend tour to the hill side or the seaside










Health care Assistance

Elephant care project

Turtle protection Project