Use your winter / Summer Vacation to Volunteering in Nepal

Use your winter / Summer Vacation to Volunteering in Nepal with NVDP Volunteer

“Nepal has a small country but a lot of unique shrine.”

Want to travel for meaningful and help to the marginalized community in Nepal?

NVDP Volunteer is for you to join volunteer program in Nepal. NVDP Volunteer has a better project which is a 100 volunteers join once a year and immerse local culture. NVDP Volunteer project is giving exciting and unforgettable lifetime experience which volunteer can be expected.

NVDP Volunteer not doing only volunteering it’s doing also adventure and amazing trekking tour to Himalayas. Like combining your time for volunteering and trekking tour in Nepal. Sometime volunteering is not been so easy but NVDP Volunteer staff will help you 24/7 in the project site.

What would you like to volunteer? And who will volunteer for NVDP Volunteer?

NVDP Volunteer Provide a number of Volunteer Project in Nepal like Teaching English, Elephant Care, Orphanage help, Buddhist Monastery’s help, Hospital and Medicine, Environment issue, Renovation or construction for School,

Anybody who have strong interest for volunteering in Nepal but age strict for volunteer and volunteer must be 18 years old. We are invite to join everyone to NVDP Volunteer Community in Nepal.

What about your time combining for Volunteering and adventure?

NVDP Volunteer combining their time for volunteering and adventure, it means if volunteer have 4 weeks duration to stay in Nepal that would be combine 3 weeks volunteering in the project and 1 week to go tour like trekking or wildlife safari tour within the country. Or we always discuss about their program and schedule for volunteering and adventure in Nepal.

How the volunteer apply to volunteering in Nepal?

That was very simple, we have online application which volunteer need to fill takes only few minutes and submit to us we will get in touch as soon as possible with volunteer and we do not reject the application for the international and local volunteer.  Here is the application link you should complete your volunteer application

For more info please contact at