Traveling and Volunteering around Nepal

Traveling and Volunteering in Nepal

Namaste!!! Would like to introduce small and beautiful country of Asia;

Nepal is the small and beautiful country. Here is only one international airport it’s called Trivuwan international airport it is located East of Kathmandu city. Kathmandu is the bustling and capital city of Nepal. A lot of pagoda style Buddhist and Hindus temple around the city which is register world heritage site . Bagmati ( holi ) river which is also made the name of Bagmati zone. Kathmandu is the made of three city which is made one big city such as Kathmandu, lalitpur and Bhaktapur. The city has own history where traveler can see the historic places and Durbar Squares.

Nepal has three different region such as Himalayan (mountain) region, Hilly region, and Terai (flat) region. Himalayan region that mean white mountain or snowy mountain. At the world history top 10 pic mountain is in Nepal. Everest is the highest pic mountain on the world which is 8848 m. Height from see level. Nepal has many trekking destination and the most popular destination is Everest, Annapurna, Lagtang, Manaslu, Upper mustang, Dhulagiri or many more others. In this region travelers or trekkers can explore landscape, flora and fauna, is most popular in the Himalayas. Hilly region a most and big part of land size of Nepal. Most of the city in the hilly region such as Kathmandu, Pokhara these are big city of Nepal which is in hilly region. Green hill a lot of landscape and flora and fauna is most popular in Nepal. Mani cave and big rivers come from Himalaya through to south via Hill.

Terai regoin the main part of the country. A lot of agriculture and the lives of farmer in this region. Nepal is an agriculture biased country main source of food, income and employments for the majority are agriculture about 80% population live in rural areas and depend on agriculture for livelihood. Terai region will distribute the food through out Country that’s why called mother of Nepal to Terai region. This region will be save of wildlife more than 800 bird species, wild elephant, tiger, rhino, dear, bear or many more wild animals. Travelers can join Wildlife safari in this region there are three different popular destination of safari where travelers can explore in this small landlord country. Such as Chitwan national park, Bardia national park and koshi tappu wild reserve.