Time for something New!

Greetings! we want to do a lot of things in our life. But we could not! It can get very hard to do something new. And remember if we could do something new we can have very happy in our in-tires life. But how could?

I have an ideas about my experience! I had past 30 years. Human are live together! work together!!

some body travel and see the world, nature, people, culture or more attractive ancient architecture. People can have happy for a moment but not all the time. They take a lot of picture for a memories.

That’s not bad for traveling to while but i suggest to the travelers. Can not only travel, there is other way to travel like volunteer travel / volunteering overseas for learn, help, teach, adventure and travel. I think this idea would be wonderful for helping and traveling.

Why volunteer travel?

Top 10 Reasons to Volunteer for Teens, College Students, Families, Professionals, and Seniors.
“How to Live Your Dream of Volunteering Overseas / volunteer travel.


To learn.
To share a specialized skill.
To provide economic support for worthy projects.
To improve cultural awareness.
To enrich retirement.
To learn a new language.
To reassess priorities.
To demonstrate practical acts of solidarity.
To explore a new career
To help.

The volunteer travel can be affordable to every one who interested for travel.  I thing this some of the tips get very help to the volunteers or travelers.

I was in Nepal in 2014, before i went to Nepal i’m getting very confuse to go only travel for 5 months and that is super long time for travel 5 months and Nepal is very small country even traveling for 2 months it would be almost finished the site and i realized for traveling and volunteering in Nepal. My time was wonderful in Nepal i had 2 months traveling and 3 months volunteering in orphanage and government school with poor Nepali kids. Such a wonderful time with kids and i had opportunity to help and learn in Nepal. I recommend to the travelers and volunteers to join volunteer work in Nepal they need help form others too and give and get love, you will be very happy to your whole life… Best wishes Meghan