Three Exciting week of the Summer 2017

As said by Dunja,

I have spent three exciting weeks of the summer 2017 volunteering in a Buddhist monastery near Kathmandu, Nepal organized by We Volunteer Nepal. From airport pickup and sightseeing of the city to helping me and other volunteers with our Nepalese SIM cards when they didn’t work and spending a whole day trying to reach tech support of the SIM card company, We Volunteer Nepal was everything that I expected and more!

Even now, one month after my Nepal experience, it’s very hard to put my feelings into words, but I can say without a doubt that I will come back. Maybe to teach little monks English and Math again or maybe to participate in some environmental volunteering and try to contribute to keeping this country as beautiful as it is today.
For all of you who are having second thoughts about volunteering in Nepal – don’t! You are in for the rewarding experience, acceptance, kindness, and love, so much love. Safe travels!