Tharu Culture in Nepal

Tharu Culture in Nepal : Tharus are the indigenous groups of Nepal. They are actually the official tribe of Nepal mostly found in Terai region of Nepal. Tharus are rich in culture, traditions, rites and rituals which they perform from birth to death.Tharus are mostly like to make an own big community. They have a great feeling brotherhood, cooperation, and love. They never leave the support, care of the people of their society. They are more loyal and concern about their culture. Most of the Tharu in our country follow Hinduism.A melodious ethnic dance performed by men and women with rhyme or drums. The clashing of sticks represents and performance how to keep away the rhinos and other wild animals from the human habitat and their farming land. You can enjoy your evening after dinner and watch the Tharu Stick Dance.

In Tharu Culture there are five main dances. The first dance was a Bhajayati dance where adults dance while beating long sticks. The second dance was Thekara and is performed using two short sticks.  Dafu dance is performed using a musical instrument made of gold skin and decorated with peacock feathers.The fourth dance Jhumara, this dance is performed on the 13 th day after the death of a person. During this ceremony they sing holy songs in respect to the dead person’s contribution to society. We also saw a Peacock dance. In this dance a man is dressed like a woman and his dressing looks like a peacock. Fire dance, in the fire dance a man puts a fire on both sides of a long stick. The stick usually has a piece of cloth that has been dipped into kerosene on both ends. He then dances in circles following the rhythm of the music while turning the stick round.

As said by Sabin Panth