What they say about us

Meha Patel

Life is hard for the locals in Nepal , but the warmth and generosity of the people is amazing and I can’t wait to go back.

Meha PatelUnited States of America

Volunteering in Nepal was probably one of the most interesting and fun things I had   the chance to ever do. Everybody that was involved with the program was super friendly and that they gave us all the support we needed throughout .

AndreiUnited Kingdom

It was the wonderful Volunteering  Jobs in the Space of three months but it was by far the best and unexpected to say the least . If you are an adventures person  and like to dabble in the unknown then this is for you.

Stewart Zhong

My adventure in Nepal with my best friends started with a car ride from Kathmandu Airport into the suburbs of the bustling city. Manju and Bhagawan greeted us warmly , and we begun our Journey to the Volunteer Home, Volunteering and trekking was such a fulfilling and enriching experience . I definitely recommend to any traveler who is fit and able.

Stewart ZhongChina
Maria Tatarinova

My recent holidays as a volunteer in Nepal was an exciting  extra ordinary and far from my expectations.

Maria TatarinovaRussia
Lucy Pavela

The excitement was palatable and all the local People were so excited there was demanding and sighing and Lighting Candles . Sharing food and sweets and generally talking to anybody weather it was their language of not at all .

Lucy PavelaAustralia

My experience in Nepal was incredible. From trekking Poon hill , riding elephants in the Chitwan jungle , living and teaching English a monastery to young monks , the many whiskey drinks and red wines at  the local bars in Pokhara and Thamel . The beautiful Nepalies  people and ofcourse , the incredible mountains and environment Nepal is completely mountains and environment Nepal is completely underrated and has became my favorite   Country in the World.


The things you can accomplish by same in the Himalayas!! Reached 32,210m above sea level by far the most beautiful view I have ever seen. Way to put my life into perspective! Each day is such blessing, there is a whole world out there we know nothing about full of people making their mark!


I love this trip to Nepal. I can’t articulate how much I enjoyed my time in Nepal.

Juan CarlosSpain