Name:- Manju Chaudhary

Designation:-Executive Director/ Founder


Manju chaudhary grew up in small village in Nepal in 1987.When she was in high school /college level her hobbies is helping the community an active always social work in the community. Manju believe change their community by volunteering and helping their in community either small or big. She was support the orphans and street children and helping also rehabilitation center in Nepal. She worked for We Volunteer Nepal for few years as community development manager she has excellent perfermnence in community development, community mobilization, children/youth development, and staff development. with We Volunteer Nepal.

Name:- Bhagawan chaudhary

Designation:- Community Manager


Bhagawan chaudhary is accountable for overall management and provides strategic leadership for designing management coordination and implementation of sustainable, integrated community development initiatives in rural and urban communities of program area. Responsible to the executive director and will work towards pre-determent objectives, promoting the values of the organization.

He advices and guides to empower and manage staff including Nepalese and international volunteers dealing with both budgets and expenses as well as ensures that quality results are delivered within the stipulated time. He has an important role in organization development.

He has been work over 8 years with international volunteers and overseas travel company in Nepal. He believes to create and develop a range of dynamic opportunities that would best benefit each volunteer as well as addressing the needs of Nepalese communities and change their improve the lives Nepalese people and international volunteers.

Name:- Arun Mahato

Designation:- General Secretary


Mr.Arun Mahato worked as the team manager with NVDP from July 2015 and now as the General Secretary. He provides supports to Community Manager and Executive director for their general work.

Mr.Arun Mahato has worked as an Office Secretary. He is leading to another staff also. He also teaches to volunteer for Nepali and Nepalese Culture. He is in schools and colleges, and has been the superior teacher of a secondary school. He has also conducted some research activities in course in designing and materials production for teacher development.

Name:- Yangduk Tamang

Designation:- Programe Manager


Yangduk Tamang manages all the projects. She plays a major role in planning, budgeting and overall management of NVDP community projects. She supervises project staffs in implementing projects. She has a important role in office management.

Yangduk Tamnag co-ordinates the community health program focusing on both preventive and creative treatment. She plays a major role in implementing community health program through education and mobile clinics. And she has a experience of implementing community based project for more the six years.

Name:- Rupa Chaudhary

Designation:- Program Officer


As a program officer she is responsible for the women’s empowerment. Toilet construction and early childhood development project in the community. She has spent the last four years improving the status of women in the community. She has work 2 years for INGO. She also conducts training sessions for women delectated, energetic, hard working and cheerful. She is herself motivation for thousands of women in the community.

Name:- Shekhar chaudhary

Designation:- volunteers co-ordinator


Shekhar chaudhary is responsible for the day queries of volunteers project. He is in direct and regular contact with the volunteers related to the pickup/drop off, accommodation, induction follow up and exit experience. He assist the volunteers manager in mobilizing the volunteers, making plan, monthly reports and update the data base.

 He is open minded and confident individual with significant background in management operations and has excellent ability to motivate others coupled with time management and clear communication skills at all levels.

Name:- Ashis kaji Mahato

Designation:- Web Master


 As the web master he is liable for all the technical issues, web issues. He handles all web maintenance and SEO work also he is doing web developer. Mahato gained training has worked designer/programmer, web developer, domain, hosting and wordpress developer at IT company for more then 7 years, and has been concocting free lancing work. He work for websoft Nepal IT company in Nepal.

Name:- Youbraj Sapkota

Designation:- Airport Representative


His responsibilities of NVDP for airport pick up and drop off, placement pick up and drop of. He manages your transportation from airport to the placement. His friendly nature and impressive driving skills through Kathmandu’s busy streets make travel in the NVDP car a safe and enjoyable experience.

Name:- Keshav Chaudhary

Designation:- Accountant


Keshav Chaudhary manages all the Account and the Audit billing. He also support to the computer and typing when he has free time. He was work for 5 years in the national bank in Nepal. After the career break from Bank he support to NVDP’s Account.

Name:- Stewart Zhang

Designation:- NVDP Ambassador


Country:- China

A enthusiastic traveler who has been to more than 20 countries, passion for volunteering projects, He fluently speak Chinese, English and French. Possess intense experience in online social media and campaign management (Mainland China).

Name:- Adele Mittchal

Designation:- NVDP Ambassador


Country:- Scotland

She love to travel around the world, traveling around the world is her passion. Who has been almost traveling over 25 countries. She likes to explore new culture and diverse region around the world. She has been 2015 in Nepal she was helped orphans children.

Name:- Juan Carlos schikorra

Designation:- NVDP Ambassador


Country:- Spain

Such a wonderful person on the world. He has been two times in Nepal and always help to poor and mother/parents less children. He was in 2014 and 2016 his passion is social work around the world and also explore their new culture. He fluently speak German, English and Spanish. He interested Nepali language too.

Name:- Tiarn Moscaritolo

Designation:- NVDP Ambassador


Country:- Australia

Tiarn also been twice time in Nepal. One amazing thing she is interested Hinduism. She is also been trekking Annapurna range. She love to photography took new picture of new places explore new culture.

Name:- Benjamin Berthet

Designation:- NVDP Ambassador


Country:- USA

Benjamin was volunteer Community School in rural village. Also he did medical and public health program in Nepal. Actually he is medical student in USA. He was written about travel book of his experience of travelling around 25 countries. About their culture, food, people or more thing. He was also been Annapurna trekking in Nepal.

Name:- Kristoffer klein

Designation:- NVDP Ambassador



Krisstoffer donated his time in to the Buddhist monastery teaching young monks. He loves to teaching job around the world. He learns Buddhist culture in three months and Buddhist meditation. He speak fluently English, German, Spanish and Swedish.