if your volunteering is “done”, you are still part of the “We Volunteer Nepal”- family !

As said by Claire Wagener

Namaste everyone outside ! 🙂 I would like to share my experience with “We Volunteer Nepal” !

I spent 3 months in an orphanage children home in a small rural village.

Even before arriving in Nepal, Bhagawan was very available (all the time!) He answered every single question as soon as possible (which was very fast!). So I felt already very secure and welcome in advance.

Bhagawan (responsable for We Volunteer Nepal) picked me up at the airport. These first days of my stay in Nepal, I spent with him and his lovely wife Manju ! They made some sightseeing with me, so that I got a first feeling and impression for the country. I felt very welcome and safe with them ! They provided nepali food and gave me some nepali culture basic lessons.

But then finally, I was heading to the orphanage home. During these 3 months, Bhagawan and his wife came to visit me once a month, to make sure that I am ok. Even tough, that his way made about 6hrs drive from his home!

My stay at the orphange children home was very hard at the beginning. Because there were so many new things, such as food, rituals, weather, language, culture,.. and of course the stories of the kids.

But I stayed and I am very glad to made this richful experience for life !

The children home consist of 11 kids (between 10 and 15 years), one hostfather and his wife and an auntie. Only the hostfather and the kids were speaking a little english. The wife and the auntie none at all. So if I wanted to communicate with them, I used hands and feet, after all I learned even a little nepali !

So during the day, the kids went to school from Sunday until Friday, Saturday is their day-off!

During the day, I helped inside and outside the house. I lived as a nepali day by day. After the work in the garden, cleaning, cooking, feeding thw animals, repairing things,.. the children came back from school. So I helped them with homework as an older sister. We were playing together and talked a lot ! I loved it, when it was Saturday, because than, we had quality time, the whole family.

When I was there, I even got the possibilty to participate to the different festivals in Nepal, with the whole family !

After 3 months.. it was time to say good-bye.. and to go for trekking up to the mountains. After that, I continued my travel through Nepal, still always in contact with Bhagawan. He gave me a lot of advices and information.

At the end of my stay in Nepal, I could stay again at Bhagawan and Manju’s house, until my flight departed. So even, if your volunteering is “done”, you are still part of the “We Volunteer Nepal”- family !

Thank you Bhagawan and Manju for everything !