Health and Assistance

You can, through any of NVDP-Nepal exciting public health programs, Are you a health professional, student, animal lover or a world conscious and willing volunteer looking to get experience through hands-on opportunities? Then you’ve come to the right place. This program offers you a wonderful chance to support the work of local doctors and nurses in a country where health care is a major issue, and the number of trained staff in rural areas is low. As such your presence could make a huge difference to a community.

Volunteers in Medical health care projects will assist local doctors and medical staffs in the country side. You will be assigned work according to your level of experience. Volunteer works in hospital include: treating minor injury, taking BP and weight, record keeping of patience, general medical checkup of patience, assisting local doctors, and similar responsibilities. You can have passion to serve the poor to successfully volunteer in the project.


Requirements: Due to the responsibilities involved volunteers must be studying or practicing in the health care field, as doctors, nurses, EMT’s and medical and nursing students with clinical experience. We do not accept premed students into the program.

Arrangement: Accommodation/food/supervision

NVDP-Nepal manages your entire accommodation, food and supervision during your stay. You will stay either with host families or in a home base. In the home base you’ll share room with other volunteers and use communal toilets. You will be served 3 meals a day. Meals in the home base can be local or continental. In the host family, you’ll have a room for yourself and will be served 3 local meals a day. During with a host family provides you with a wonderful opportunity for you to experience Nepali lifestyle. You can even learn to cook Nepali food. Our staff will visit you every weeks. During the visit, we will cheek on your progress and make sure you’re satisfied.

Program dates: Are very flexible, the minimum time for the program is 2 weeks and the maximum length of stay is 5 months.

Suggestion: If it is possible volunteers can bring along with them materials such as first aid kit, medical books, instruments and supplies.