Group volunteering

NVDP offers a range of options for group volunteering and we’re experts in creating customized experience that expand horizons, foster cross-cultural understanding and make a positive contribution to community projects.


Group volunteer opportunities abroad are available throughout the year spend time together at volunteer activity, have fun making a difference. Group volunteering can be very exciting. You can enjoy with friends or relatives with whom you plan for volunteering it is often seen in schools, colleges and university that small groups are formed to help the needy people. Our group volunteer projects are design for the groups of teenagers, high school students, university students, seniors over 50 years corporate groups, friends from clubs and institutions also who eager to work and travel to Nepal in group.

Before or after complete the group volunteer in Nepal, if your group interested for some trekking tours program to discover the natural, cultural and geographic diversity of Nepal then group volunteer vacations will be organized. Volunteers have to help the people in such a way that the prestige of their own country should be ready for service all time.

We create customized itineraries that provide a safe environment for group members to learn, grow and challenge themselves. We do this through impactful volunteer program and culture immersion.