First time Volunteer! What its like!!


First time volunteer! What its like!!

Ricarda is a 42 years old she is from Germany.

Just last month’s Ricards returned home after a month long volunteer project with unforgettable experience, where she worked at the Buddhist monastery with hundreds of young monks in Kathmandu Nepal.

We asked Ricarda to share a little about her experience with NVDP-Nepal.

My name is Ricarda. I’m 42 years old and I’m currently working in mobile company. My hobbies is traveling and helping in the world, I was travel 16 different country include Nepal such as Europe, Australia, America and Asia. I love Nepal such a beautiful country where is the amazing landscape and Himalayas.

I was never did volunteer job before, This is my first time volunteer job on the world and my first volunteer experience in Nepal was unforgettable life time experience. My decision to volunteer abroad actually is the result of an abandoned dream to live and intern in Neal over the summer. Last winter I began envisioning a plan to move across the country and intern in Nepal once in my holiday and I was read a lot off Buddhism I was impress to learn more about Buddhism.

I wanted an adventure; I worked an office job from 9-5 for most of June, and as my skin grew light and Nepal took over my daydream, I want to do something special. My passion for helping others, traveling and working with took full flame during an alternative spring break trip in March, and I decided that if I wasn’t interning in Nepal, I was going to volunteer abroad.

I was looking for volunteer organizations that are well known in Nepal. The cost of all of the program was huge. So I began searching for cheap volunteer opportunities-that’s when I found Nvdp-Nepal. The reason why I choose the Nvdp-Nepal was that I could filter my criteria and compare with different volunteer organization. Finally I was submitted the application and I can’t believe they was accept me also they was reply me within 12 hours.705117_10151300803940939_775027991_o

The people I met were welcoming and kind, airport pickup, First day orientation class, sightseeing, accommodation and food was amazing, the landscape was breathtaking; the children are hard working, intelligent and loving. It was absolutely incredible and one of the greatest things I have ever done in my life-I cannot wait to go back and see the young monks and Monastery!

I know that a lot of volunteers, like I was when I started looking will worry about security. I felt safe volunteering through Nvdp-Nepal, without question. I would 100% recommend Nvdp-Nepal to anyone join who wants to volunteers and I will definitely use them again!

Overall my trip to Nepal for one month’s was perspective for me and I feel incredibly grateful for the life I live. It is also an amazing feeling to know that there are people all around the world with kind hearts, joyous. This was my first volunteer journey to Nepal was successful and I such make a difference with cheap trip and big impact.