Festival of Hindu (Nepal)

I did part of NVDP last October 2018 , which is special months for Hindu and Nepalese people cause I enjoy festival of dashain which is cultural and gathering the family I went to manju family to celebrate dashain festival of hindu . The father of manju give me the rituals things he put the tika with lot of love and also give me some of money after the tika . I am very joyful of the culture and festival its was really fun , there are also swing which I was part with the children . In October the project was that not much work and they will close the project during the festival of hindu. I think this festival will happen is days every years .

It was a great opportunity which I had in Nepal during the festival of hindu (dashain). I had spent 4 weeks in monastery the monastery is near Kathmandu valley and it was really nice views of see Kathmandu . I meet a very young nuns and it was great to teach them English language . We are not only teaching but we can also play a lot in the monastery . Some times we also made picnic hear the monastery and lot of dancing and singing .

I had also opportunity to learn Buddhism and Bajrayana , meditation in the  monastery . I wound like to thanks to NVDP which makes possible to this trip for me and thanks for NVDP  staff which they are really helpful .

                                                                                                                                   As said by Maria