Family Volunteering Program

“It was amazing experience for our entire family!”


Volunteering abroad as a family can be a life changing experience. Use the opportunity to volunteer and travel as a way to teach your family lessons about culture, privilege and working together. From small tasks to long term projects, there are many ways for volunteers young and old to gain valuable life experience volunteering abroad.

Volunteering is a family activities, younger children are immersed in a new culture, older children learn the value of personal responsibility and commitment, and the whole family is brought closer together even as they expand their global vision.Family-Volunteering--NVDP-org-Nepal-Volunteer-development-program-2

“Why simply take a trip together when you can do so much more! Discover a world outside your own. Learn about others and yourselves. Become global citizens.”

Volunteering as a family is one of the best way to teach these lessons. Working side-by-side as a group, parents and grandparents can lead by example. It’s a chance for parents to see their children in a new way. Letting them face challenges in a safe environment. It’s a chance for children to be proud of their parents as they watch interact with new people in a new place. While volunteering you are more than a family, you are a team. You come together to create something bigger than each of you individually. And in the end, all of your hard work is helping other families to live healthy, happy lives too.

NVDP provides comprehensive, enriching experiences that include planning and support, accommodations, language immersion, cultural activities, learning excursions everything your family needs to create a once in a lifetime journey.

Requirements:- There are no specific requirements for the programs. However the best things you can have are patience and a genuine desire to field work and must be strong health, plus a sense of humor!

Accommodation:- A simple room with a bed. We advise you to bring sleeping bag and mosquito net with you. Or you can always buy here which is 2-3 times cheaper than back home.

Meals:- Breakfast occurs at 7:00 am and consists of a cup of tea and biscuits. Lunch is served at 11:30 am and usually dall/bhat( rice, lentils and vegetable) dinner is at around 7:00 pm and is once more dall/bhat. The food is very simple but also extremely delicious and filling.

Start date:- Are very flexible, minimum time of stay in this program is one weeks and the maximum stay is five months.