Children Development Program

“Learning starts from right at birth child care at the early childhood development program fosters a congenial learning environment for children of 3 to 5 years of age to develop motor, mental, social and emotional skills.”

Our children’s development program is one of the major activities in our integrated community approach supported by our full time staff and volunteers. The aim of the program is to protect the right of all children in the community by providing access to a basic, quality education, developing their life skills, and providing access to health services through our community health program.

For children, the goal of children development program is to help schools become communities in which they feel cared for and learn to care in return – communities in which they are helped to develop the practical skills needed to function productively in society, and the ethical and intellectual understanding needed to function humanely and wisely. For teachers, the goal of children development program is to help schools become respectful and inclusive communities that support their continued learning and provide opportunities for them to collaborate with one another and to contribute to decisions.


Who can apply?

Anybody who has a strong interest in supporting children from the most marginalized communities and who enjoys working with young children. Prior experience in Montessori or early childhood education methods will be an advantage.

Typical tasks of a volunteer

  • Assist local teachers.
  • Teach children motor and kinesthetic skills.
  • Play games and rhymes with children.
  • Supervise supports activities.
  • Provide childcare support.
  • Create teaching/learning resources.
  • Organize student excursions.

Requirements:- There are no specific requirements for the programs. However the best things you can have are patience and a genuine desire to teach, plus a sense of humor!

Accommodation:- A simple room with a bed. We advise you to bring sleeping bag and mosquito net with you. Or you can always buy here which is 2-3 times cheaper than back home.

Meals:- Breakfast occurs at 7:00 am and consists of a cup of tea and biscuits. Lunch is served at 11:30 am and usually dall/bhat( rice, lentils and vegetable) dinner is at around 7:00 pm and is once more dall/bhat. The food is very simple but also extremely delicious and filling.

Start date:- Are very flexible, minimum time of stay in this program is one weeks and the maximum stay is five months in Nepal.

NVDP now supports over 14 early childhood education centers in schools and communities in impoverished Nepalese communities.