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Summer volunteer & travel

Welcome to NVDP Volunteer!! Recently NVDP Volunteer open online application for all who interested to travel to Nepal and do some positive impact at local community in Nepal. NVDP Volunteer welcome volunteer from all over the world. We also invite high school student, university student, gap year student also group of people, corporate group and […]

Mardi Himal Trek

Mardi Himal trek, has recently progressed trekking trail at an Annapurna trekking region from where you can see astonishing mountain view and landscape. Situated just east of one of the most popular treks of Nepal. Trekkers who like the quite environment and less touristic area, Mardi Himal base camp trek is the best choice and […]

Use your winter / Summer Vacation to Volunteering in Nepal

Use your winter / Summer Vacation to Volunteering in Nepal with NVDP Volunteer “Nepal has a small country but a lot of unique shrine.” Want to travel for meaningful and help to the marginalized community in Nepal? NVDP Volunteer is for you to join volunteer program in Nepal. NVDP Volunteer has a better project which […]

Amazing Elephant Care Placement

Amazing Creature Care Elephant: The foremost procedure to enjoyable the wonderful experiences, snow Himalayan range, Mountain, adventure doing volunteering in Nepal. And helping the community in different way awareness program to youth, teaching English in school, assist to orphans, agriculture, animals caring, women empowerment program. The Elephant care program is one of the best who […]

Culture Exchange / Nepalese women’s Festival

Teej is a generic name for a number of festivals that are celebrated by Nepal’s women festival mainly in Nepal and some parts of India. Hartalika Teej welcomes the monsoon season and is celebrated primarily by girls and women, with songs, dancing and prayer rituals. The monsoon festivals of Teej are primarily dedicated to Goddess Parvati […]

Work with Disabled Children

Volunteers in Nepal needed at a Special needs children’s care center located in a suburb of Kathmandu. This center is caring for physically challenged children by providing them with the accommodation, daily care, health care, medication in the form of corrective surgery and education. Most of these children come from poor families who cannot care […]

Stay in touch | Don’t miss out

Thinking of Volunteer or Travel or adventure or any social work around the world? And is this first time volunteer abroad or travel abroad or teach abroad far way from your home? And don’t get any ideas about volunteering or traveling around the world? Then NVDP Volunteer is for you and help you to get […]

NVDP Volunteer Adventure

Volunteering in Nepal is the perfect opportunity to discover the amazing landscape of the Himalayas and the country’s cultural heritage while doing something meaningful. You want to experience the culture from up close? Teach English to monks in Buddhist monasteries and get an insight into their daily life and their religion.Help Orphans and street children […]

Volunteering in Nepal overall experience

https://www.live-conscious.org/blog/travel/volunteering-in-nepal-overall-experience-nvdp-review As said by Fiona and Simon, In a previous post, I summarised my first three days volunteering in Nepal with NVDP. In this post, I will continue from where the last post left off. Chitwan National Park Our first three days took us to the weekend (and a well-needed break!), which we spent in Chitwan National […]

Volunteer in Vietnam

Welcome to Volunteer in Vietnam; Vietnam is a southeast Asian country on the south China and sea known for its beaches, rivers, Buddhist Pagodas and Bustling cities. Hanoi, the Capital of Vietnam. The Socialist Republic of Vietnam, is the eastern most country on the indochina peninsula in southeast Asia. 92.7 million people lives in the […]