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Volunteering abroad During the Corona virus outbreak

Want to volunteer abroad, intern abroad but worried about corona virus? You are right to have concern by March 30th 2020, 33,993 people had died all around the world from the corona virus that epic point in Wuhan, China. Dear Partners, Travelers, Volunteers, Guest this is the difficult time for everyone that’s why we need […]

Trek to Annapurna Base Camp

Are you thinking traveling to Nepal on 2020 and some do trekking around the Himalaya then Annapurna base camp should be your top destination for trekking in Nepal. Annapurna Base Camp trek: The Annapurna Base Camp trek is one of the most popular treks in the Annapurna region. In Spring, it showcases many beautiful flowers […]

Looking for volunteer project!!!

Looking for volunteer project Our social and humanitarian project will waiting for International and Local volunteer to help within local community which is 100 % benefit goes to local people and volunteers. NVDP Volunteer always working in community project the project is include, Teaching English in School or other language, Teach to monks in Buddhist […]

Top 5 Volunteer project 2020

Are you planning to travel abroad and want some good karma, helping marginalized community in developing countries then NVDP will help you to find right project and matching your skill project. Here is the list of volunteering opportunity in Nepal. Teaching English in Community School: Teaching English to children who are very enthusiastic to learn […]

Tharu Culture in Nepal

Tharu Culture in Nepal : Tharus are the indigenous groups of Nepal. They are actually the official tribe of Nepal mostly found in Terai region of Nepal. Tharus are rich in culture, traditions, rites and rituals which they perform from birth to death.Tharus are mostly like to make an own big community. They have a great […]

Living Goddess (Kumari)

In Nepal, a Kumari is a prepubescent girl selected from the Shakya caste or BajrSacharya clan of the Nepalese Newari Buddhist community. The Kumari is revered and worshiped by some of the country’s Hindus. While there are several Kumaris throughout Nepal, with some cities having several, the best known is the Royal Kumari of Kathmandu, and she lives in the Kumari Ghar, a palace […]

Namaste Nepal

First All of you Namaste Nepal. Which is first greeting to Nepal. Nepal had a lot of colorful culture who belongs to local ethnic group of Nepal But still have everyone says Namaste. Nepal has many mountain which is Mt. Everest, Mt. Annapurna , Mt. Kailash, Mt. Dhaulagiri etc which is over 8000 M. high […]

Volunteer program with orphans children’s

Nepal is picture squar country full of nature , Himalaya , land scrape ,jungles and river and which I never seen before land lock country . I am from Sydney Australia , I do a lot of busy in the Sydney and I had opportunity to travel south Asia which I visit comodia , Thailand […]

Festival of Hindu (Nepal)

I did part of NVDP last October 2018 , which is special months for Hindu and Nepalese people cause I enjoy festival of dashain which is cultural and gathering the family I went to manju family to celebrate dashain festival of hindu . The father of manju give me the rituals things he put the tika with […]

Mountain country (Nepal)

Flying from Luxembourg small country for Europe to Nepal was long then expected but since t was arriving in Kathmandu airport which I saw many mountain and its very beautiful  I am quite excited to visit Nepal and help to people .  I got totally refresh when I saw while Himalaya  like I felt dreaming. Nepal is a […]