Orphanage (Assist Orphans Volunteer Program)

The number of children staying in orphanage is in increasing number. Many children have lost their parents due to war and disease. Do not just explore Nepal but make difference by participating in our orphanage volunteering tour in Nepal. For orphaned children are of the most beneficial things for them is to be able to have access to education as it provides more opportunities for them in the future. Resources are often scarce so if they have access to a teacher it will be a great advantage to them. Orphanage home are doing wonderful job of providing food, shelter and education to orphans. An orphanage home attends to the welfare of children in Nepal who are orphaned, abandoned, or not supported by their parents. As well as street children and thus they are providing hope of better future to those children who would otherwise have ended up as trash collectors or low wage laborers.Children-orphans-NVDP-org-Nepal-Volunteer-development-program

Make noticeable change by joining children volunteering tours. Spend memorable time among innocent child and help us to pull smile in their face. Daily activities in orphanage volunteering involve teaching English and general life skills, taking care of sick children, interacting with kids, feeding kids, helping with their home work and organizing games and others sports to keep them motivated. You can also teach them about maintaining personal hygiene and sanitation or you can walk them to school. You can help these kids to discover their hobbies and organize recreational activities which will help them to learn new things.

Most orphanages also welcome assistance from volunteer for the organization themselves. This involves working with staff to develop marketing, fundraising, and program strategies for the orphanage .

Volunteer responsibilities in orphanage:-

The volunteer in this placement is to act as an older sibling to take care of, look after and encourage them to participate in the different extracurricular activities. Teaching and tutoring English, computers, or any other subject in which the volunteer exacts, help children understand homework, monitor academic progress, take care of the smaller children who are too young to go to school. Help with food distribution, kitchen work duties design activities/ program for the children. Increase health awareness through brushing teeth, showering and educating them on how to maintain personal hygiene organize game, drawing lessons, singing, dancing and other creative activities.

                                                                                            Typical tasks of a volunteer
Sponser to Orphans

Volunteer your time

Sponsor a child

Sponsor a program

Donate to the children’s education programs.

Requirements:- There are no specific requirements for the programs. However the best things you can have are patience and a genuine desire to help the children.

Accommodation:- A simple room with a bed. We advise you to bring sleeping bag and mosquito net with you or you can always buy here which is 2-3 times cheaper than back home.

Meals:- Breakfast occurs at 7:00 am consists of a cup of tea and biscuits. Lunch is served at 11:30 am and is usually dall/bhat (rice, lentils and veg curry) Dinner is at 7:00 pm and  is once more dall/bhat. The food is very simple but also extremely delicious and filling.

Start date:- Very flexible, you can join all year round, minimum time of stay in this program is one week and the maximum stay is five months.