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Earthquake Clean Up

Welcome to Nepal Volunteer Development Program

About Us

NVDP-Nepal is a not for Profit, non-religious, non- political, non -Governmental volunteer organization offering people over 18.NVDP Nepal Organizes voluntary work placements. The placements are based in community projects. The project to help alleviate global poverty and travel in a meaningful way. Do not just travel as a tourist, immerse yourself into the local culture and make a difference by giving back to those who need it. Volunteering abroad is a great travel tourism idea that has for reading impacts on both, the participants and the ones receiving the help, It is a great way to earn some good karma, hone one’s skills, learn new things and all of it while traveling to far flung locations. It is a great exposure, personally and professionally.  Voluntary work is a unique way to spend your time abroad, as you can until you immerse yourself in its day to day life whilst doing in Nepal.

What is the volunteer? And why volunteer with us?

Volunteering is an activity which takes place through not-for-profit, community organization, projects or your local community and is undertaken.

  • To be of benefit to the community and the volunteer
  • Of the volunteers own free will and without coercion and
  • For no financial payment.

Volunteering can deliver a wealth of benefits including:

  • A means of building self-esteem and/or confidence.

Donations: If you’d rather make one of donation to the team, you can donate as little or as much as you like by Clicking Here

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Our local community organization develop a close communication with our International Volunteers to format their work plans and get them really involved with their projects even before they arrive. Learn More

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What People Say About Us


Life is hard for the locals in Nepal , but the warmth and generosity of the people is amazing and I can’t wait to go back.

Meha Patel
Meha Patel United States of America

Volunteering in Nepal was probably one of the most interesting and fun things I had   the chance to ever do. Everybody that was involved with the program was super friendly and that they gave us all the support we needed throughout .

AndreiUnited Kingdom

My recent holidays as a volunteer in Nepal was an exciting  extra ordinary and far from my expectations.

Maria Tatarinova
Maria TatarinovaRussia

My adventure in Nepal with my best friends started with a car ride from Kathmandu Airport into the suburbs of the bustling city. Manju and Bhagawan greeted us warmly , and we begun our Journey to the Volunteer Home, Volunteering and trekking was such a fulfilling and enriching experience . I definitely recommend to any traveler who is fit and able.

Stewart Zhong
Stewart ZhongChina

My experience in Nepal was incredible. From trekking Poon hill , riding elephants in the Chitwan jungle , living and teaching English a monastery to young monks , the many whiskey drinks and red wines at  the local bars in Pokhara and Thamel . The beautiful Nepalies  people and ofcourse , the incredible mountains and environment Nepal is completely mountains and environment Nepal is completely underrated and has became my favorite   Country in the World.